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November/13/2017 Universal Robots opens new repair center enabling overnight deliveries in North America

4,300 sq ft (400 m2) center adjacent to Universal Robots’ Americas headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, now ready to cover North and South America with repair services, offering overnight delivery of spare parts in North America.

UR robot models, from the CB3 generation and forward, no longer need to be shipped overseas to Denmark for repair services but can now be handled at Universal Robots’ new center in Michigan. The newly renovated location will also house a complete inventory of spare parts for Universal Robots’ collaborative robot arms, servicing the entire Americas region, featuring 24 hours turn-around time in North America.

As of November 6th, 2017, the center will be ready to handle all repair and spare part requests. President of Universal Robots, Jürgen von Hollen, emphasizes how the new repair center underscores the sense of urgency that UR experiences in the market. “Our customers cannot afford any loss in productivity, so we want to avoid downtime at all costs,” he says. “A UR cobot should never be sitting idle, waiting for repair or spare parts.”

UR cobots feature a simple, modular design. Often, end users are able to exchange parts on their cobots in-house and do not have to wait for external service providers to arrive on-site. “The ease of use, both in programming, updates, and repair is what sets a UR cobot apart in the market,” says Jürgen von Hollen, adding that no preventive maintenance is required with UR cobots.

In an ongoing effort to optimize UR cobots’ performance, the new center will provide root cause analysis input on provided repairs back to R&D at the corporate headquarters in Denmark. “We pioneered the collaborative robot and remain the market leader. In order for us to stay on top, we need to constantly listen to, address, and improve what is already an unrivaled user experience,” says Jürgen von Hollen.

The company’s Ann Arbor repair center is the first of its kind outside of Denmark. A similar center is slated to open in Shanghai, China, in January 2018.